games and concepts


mixing many many materials, interests, ideas, concepts, and overall multimedia stuff to display a deeper meaning of serious topics..


mirror mirror on the wall who's the toxiest of them all....? the ultimate dating app experience everywhere anytime. you feel like getting creepy messages by toxic men but don't want to download one of the many dating apps out there? well here you go! get overwhelmed with cheesy messages and swipe through profiles of the supposedly stronger sex.


"objectify me" is meant to show the user how women are often treated in movies and video games. it presents how much of their body is

covered and what counts as armor in battle.

over 100 pop culture costumes are put on classic woman like the venus de milo to shine light on the different approach of fine art artist and

AAA game companies.

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ROMCOM-Generator is an interactive game to highlight the

recurring questionable romantic structures in movies.

with the help of a slot machine one can generate the "perfect prince charming" any screen-writer seems to be so deeply intrigued by.

The game highlights played down toxic behaviors such as kidnapping, lying, cheating, capturing, etc etc. which all seem to be ok

"in the name of love"  

Create your own odd romantic version of the common 

white savior..

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